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INDIE CAPITAL is a purposeful home 

development company. 

Industriously aiming to supply epoch-driven housing to Sacramento's core, urban neighborhoods, our standards are exhaustingly high. We build and represent only the most progressive homes to ensure limitless value to our clients. To enrich life by connecting people to functional, efficient and inspiring homes– this philosophy is at the heart of our business.


At Indie Capital, we work to enhance the enjoyment of our urban environment. By building within it and focusing on Sacramento's urban core— we work to secure underutilized land and build design-forward, recognizable, urban buildings.


We sell our homes directly to our clients, ensuring each homebuyer receives the attention and communication deserved throughout and beyond the home purchase transaction. 


Should clients desire to procure or convert an Indie built home to an investment property, the property management division is available to oversee that proper care and market experience is utilized for maximum client benefit.


"We LOVE Indie Capital! They built our home in Sacramento. The design is modern and sleek, the craftsmanship is outstanding, and the attention to detail is unparalleled. They truly want to create a perfect home."

Hilary, Homeowner

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