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is a purposeful real estate development company.  

Industriously serving residents within Sacramento's core urban neighborhoods, our standards are exhaustingly high. We build and represent only the finest homes to ensure limitless value to our clients. To enrich life by connecting people to functional, efficient and beautiful homes– this philosophy is at the heart of our business.​ 


INDIE CAPITAL builds homes for Modern living– we believe in the pursuit of authenticity in form and function. 

This translates into observing and taking cues from surrounding environments, while maintaining an identity for each new project. Standard interiors are developed and products are selected for cohesiveness with the overall design aesthetic.     


Thoughtful design and quality finishes come standard in all Indie Capital homes.

Our focus is residential infill development. It is an endeavor that we thoroughly enjoy and pursue emphatically.


417 20th Street

Sacramento, CA 95811



We are an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider and follow all fair housing laws. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of a person's actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, sex, handicap, disability, AIDS/HIV status, familial status, national origin, ancestry, place of birth, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income, weight, height or other protected category under federal, state or local law. Indie Capital reserves the right to change features, amenities, and prices without notice. Features, amenities, unit sizes, and prices vary by building. Urban Homes I Modern Living  


Of the people who craft and care for the buildings that receive the forementioned awards:

Rene Miron I Sandro Chavez

Viktor Gerasnikov

Hugo Garcia I Jose Sanchez I Dan Galvan

Sean Pisi I Alex Katco I Hoang Bui 

John Vu I Jesus Chavez I Andrey Gorbenko

Hector Pelico I Fredy Avila

Jorge Comparan I Mark Equinoa

Juan Cordova I Socrates Perez

Max Yagolnikov I Cipriano Tapia

Leo Castro I Brent Gerard

Tom McDonagh I Lilly Taillefer

Hector Pelico I Kris Klima I Ryan Carter

John Fischer I Randy Groves 

Urban Homes I Modern Living

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9B Duplexes I 2024 Comstocks Magazine Feature

Flex House I 2023 The Forever Home

Flex House I 2023 AIA Housing Award

Flex House I 2022 Record House, Architectural Record

Indie Capital2022 On Rigor, Clifford Pearson

Flex House I 2021 Honor Award, AIA Wisconsin

Flex House I 2021 Metal Architecture Design Awards

Indie Capital2021 Inside Publications

Indie Capital 2020, Sacramento Business Journal

Broadway Redux2020 Housing Design Award, National AIA

Winn Park I 2020 Architect Magazine

Oak Park Creatives I 2020 World Architecture Review

Mansion Flats Modern2020 Merit Award, AIA Wisconsin

Oak Park Creatives2019 HIVE 50 Innovation in Housing Award

Broadway Redux I 2019, Architectural Record Magazine

Oak Park Creatives I  2019 Housing Award, National AIA

Broadway Redux I  2019 Honor Award, AIA Wisconsin

Oak Park Creatives I  2018 American Architecture Award, Chicago Athenaeum

Oak Park Creatives I  2018 Honor Award, AIA Wisconsin

9th & Broadway I 2018, Sacramento Business Journal

Oak Park Creatives I 2018, Architect Magazine

Indie Capital I 2017,  Sacramento Business Journal

Mansion Flats Modern I 2017, Inside Publications

Indie Capital I 2017, The Sacramento Bee

Shift House I 2017, Inside Publications

Indie Capital I 2017, Inside Publications

Indie Capital I 2016, Sacramento Business Journal

Broadway Redux I 2015, Sacramento Business Journal

Broadway Redux I 2015, Sacramento Bee

Indie Capital I 2015, Sacramento Magazine

Triangle Residence I 2013, Newton Booth Neighborhoods Assoc. Growing Together Award.

6th Avenue I 2012, NARI Award for best remodel under 250,000.

Indie Capital I 2012, Sacramento Magazine

Blue Alley I 2012, Inside Publications

Bungalow Row Restoration I 2011, Inside Publications 

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