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Welcome to your new home! The following is a list of recommended care and maintenance items for your new residence. As a local homebuilder, we are always nearby for any questions you may have.


Your home’s interior temperature should range from 65 - 78 degrees. It is not recommended to turn the system off during extended periods of vacancy. Stress cracks in the drywall can occur, as well as increased energy costs as a result.


Bathroom and laundry area fans may have multiple speeds. To change the speed, if applicable, you may remove the grill and adjust the speed switch. Please re-install the grill when complete.


Laundry fan, if available, should remain ON for continuous whole house ventilation. 


For CH+A systems, the fan setting on the thermostat may help balance interior temperatures between upstairs and downstairs rooms depending on season, if experiencing hot or cold spots.


It is recommended to check and change the HVAC filter biannually, or more often with pets. Replacement filters can be purchased at Home Depot. When purchasing replacement filters, it is helpful to bring the existing filter with you to confirm accurate sizing.


The range hood should remain ON when using the range or stovetop to prevent steam damage to the upper cabinetry.


Should lights or outlets suddenly stop working, see electrical panel for any tripped breakers. To reset, flip any tripped breakers from OFF to ON position. Fault Sensors can be highly sensitive.

For exterior multi-point doors, lift handle “UP” to engage and then turn the key or latch to lock. If the handle is not turned “UP”, the door will not lock.


Soft scrub is recommended for cleaning quartz countertops. Sprayway glass cleaner is recommended for cleaning all other countertops.


Bona hardwood / tile cleaner is recommended for cleaning all hard surface flooring. 


Abrasive pads or brushes should NOT be used to clean glass shower doors, glass backsplashes or stovetop glass. 


Walls can be cleaned with warm water and a microfiber towel. Avoid hard scrubbing. A very damp towel and soft cleaning works best. Magic Eraser is helpful for scuffs and darker marks. 

Some shower drains feature an internal hair drain. If a slow drain is experienced, gently lift the tub or shower drain trim and remove the hair or clog, then reinstall the drain trim.


It is recommended to review all product manuals and maintenance schedules prior to operating.

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