We do things differently at Indie Capital. Architecturally focused, we work closely with award winning architectural firms to implement interiors and finishes appropriate to the building's design program. The result is a fully realized product— great design, without the additional fees, that comes standard. A list of features included in all Indie Capital homes.


Recommend maintaining interior temperature of 65 - 78 degrees, at all times. It is not recommended to turn system off completely during extended periods of vacancy.

Bathroom and Laundry fans have three speeds. To change speed, see switch located behind grill.

Laundry fan to remain ON for continuous whole house ventilation. Fan setting on thermostat can help balance temperature from upstairs to downstairs depending on season, if experiencing hot or cold spots. The HVAC air filter is located inside the mechanical closet. Recommend checking and changing regularly.


Should lights or outlets suddenly stop working, see electrical panel for any tripped breakers. To reset, flip any tripped breakers from OFF to ON position. Fault Sensors can be highly sensitive.

For exterior doors, lift handle “UP” to engage and then turn the key or latch to lock. If the handle is not turned “UP”, the door will not lock.


Softscrub is recommended for cleaning quartz countertops. Bona hardwood / tile cleaner is recommended for cleaning all hard surface flooring.

No abrasive pads or brushes should be used to clean glass shower doors, glass backsplashes or stovetop glass.

Walls can be cleaned with warm water and a microfiber towel. Avoid hard scrubbing. A very damp towel and soft cleaning works best.


Recommend reviewing all product manuals and maintenance schedules. Porcelain tile floors and shower surrounds.

Tiled shower accessory niches.

Elevated euro-style frameless cabinetry w/soft close drawers. Coax cable for Dish Satellite is located on exterior wall near roof line.